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"Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am here to share my thoughts and experiences about J-1 programs as a gentleman who already participated into same program 3 times, both Work and Travel which is also under J-1 visas and Internship/Traineeship program in the field of Hospitality Management.
My name is Kismet Deveci and I have bachelors degree in the field of Hospitality Management & Travel Administration. I graduated from the Akdeniz University which is one of the leading universities in Turkey at the moment. During my education, I had also the opportunity to join Student Exchange program called Erasmus in Finland where I could also get educated and could be able to observe various perspectives of the educations and thoughts. Back in the time I was dreaming of coming to USA in order to experience American Culture and Imporve professionally and personally. Meeting this goal is one of the greatest achievements that I am proud of in my very life.
I am still happy that I joined J-1's that was the crowned opportunity to see this significant business life and aspects thoughtout a year or so. It was truly wonderful desicion by all means. I learned a lot about American business life and culture. It helps me to understand that even in time of stress never showing insecurities even though I was handling tasks all alone. In that case, I was able to overcome problems smoothly, always with a smile on face and friendly manner. Showing personal reinforcements to those trainees that I have enjoyed to work with, helps me to improve the notion of the details, taking responsibilities and becoming a real dedicated employee that I got overlooked so many times so many great things. I have excelled myself on so many diverse levels to make sure everything is running perfect.

This program helped my career improvement, because it became much easier to be comfortable at what you are doing when you know what to do when you face new environment or work. It was a rapid change that effects everything efficiently. I now have a good comprehension about American Brands and International chains in Hospitality Business.

I would highly recommend this program for those who would like to gain international experiences. It is for sure that could become great asset for your life and for your business. It could be so helpful to widen your visions. And I also would like to extend my appreciation to Mustafa Uzer and Funda Uzer as World Wide Career Antalya family, for helping me to locate this programs and all their supports and for everything we went through together. Thank you indeed!


Kismet Deveci
Tourism Professional
Aspen, Colorado, USA 81611
Cell : +1.970.987.1650
E-mail :
LinkedIn: Kismet Deveci
Skype : kismet.deveci

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